It's a dumb cartoon about a lizard with a mullet.

Zyra Slash is a sci-fi comedy webcomic created by Alex Ramirez (@IrkenMoonwalker) and Aleece Moreno (@NerdyKhaleesi)

The story follows Zyrathen “Zyra” Slash, a young, meek, and cowardly member of a faraway alien race known as The Djragoni. Tired of being a shame to his tribe and his family, Zyra volunteers for a dangerous rite-of-passage that requires him to travel to a distant land and become one with the native people, eventually gaining their alliance and trust. Little does he know just how far this land would be.

Meanwhile, while looking through her telescope, a teenager by the name of Rain Jones sees a star plummet from the night sky and crash in her backyard. After investigating, she encounters an alien who’s alone, afraid, and apparently just a kid! That alien would introduce himself as Zyrathen. Not wanting to see him get abducted by the government, Rain offers to take him under her wing and show him the ropes after hearing his story, and what better way to acquaint him with humanity than taking him with her to high school!

Outfitted with a flawless human disguise, Zyra begins his quest to blend in with the humans and become their trusted friend. The road is paved with danger as Zyra finds out just how hellish human adolescence is. From angry football jocks to scary goth kids to awkward school dances, Zyra is at the mercy of everything high school throws his way, learning just how hard and unusual growing up as a human AND an alien is. But along the way, he’ll also learn some valuable lessons about confidence, strength, and most important, friendship.

Being in school can make you feel like an alien, and nobody knows that better than Zyra. But lucky for him, he’s got some friends looking out for him to make sure he gets thought it all and can eventually go back home.