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Sun, December 25th, 2022

Merry Holiday!!

From my family to yours ❄️❄️❄️ Thanks for reading my silly alien comic and hope you have a relaxing holiday!

Posted by: Zimmeh

Fri, December 16th, 2022

2023 Update Schedule

Small Comic Update!!

My page buffer is running a bit low and I haven't had the energy to replenish it as fast as I hoped, so following the Dec 21st update (Zyra's birthday btw), ZS will change to a one page a week schedule. This'll give me more leeway to make pages without disrupting the schedule.

Pages will still drop every Wednesday around 5pm MST as they always have.

Thanks for understanding!

Posted by: Zimmeh

Mon, October 17th, 2022

ZS #2 Continues Tomorrow!

Comic updates for the current chapter will begin to update on a weekly basis starting Oct. 19th and continue every Wednesday at 5:00pm MST!

Once again, thank you so much for your patience! I care a lot about this project and honestly, spent most of that hiatus time just making sure things were polished. I know you'll love what's to come and I can't wait to share it with you! Happy reading! <3


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Sat, September 3rd, 2022

Zyra Slash Uploads Resume in October

Long time no see? Well then see you soon. Zyra Slash Issue #2 will resume updates on Wednesday, October 19th!

Thanks so much for your patience through that longer than expected hiatus. Graduating college and a new full-time job do a good job stifling your time to draw comics. I can't wait to resume updates again and Zyra & friends can't wait to see you!

Posted by: Zimmeh