Zyra Slash #1: Aliens Exist Cover

Zyra Slash #1: Aliens Exist Cover

Nov 9, 2020

in ZS #1: Aliens Exist

On a calm summer night, a young stargazer witnesses a piece of the sky crash into the forest and is eager to investigate. What she finds is much more than just space junk, but is the mysterious being friend or foe? And more pressing…are they willing to take some sweet pictures for the astronomy forum?

About Zyra Slash

When you're in school, you can feel like an alien sometimes, but count yourself lucky you really aren't. Young Zyra Slash, a member of the faraway Djragoni race, is sent to a strange planet as part of a rite-of-passage and tasked with befriending the native people.

On this strange world called "Earth", Zyra teams up with a plucky starchild named Rain Jones who helps him blend in with the native "Human Race" in the best way possible: disguising him as an awkward, geeky high school student.

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